To the Office for Pediatric Dentistry of Dr. Alisa R. Feldman

Our Philosophy:

Dr. Feldman treats children, not just their teeth. She prides herself in seeing every patient, every visit, even if the child is initially seen by hygiene staff.   

"We see our practice as a family, not a factory."

Dr. Feldman applies her background in child development, psychology and education to create and achieve a happy, relaxed, positive dental experience for infants, toddlers, children, young adults and their parents. She is proud to have parents participate in their child’s visit.  

The use of singing, relaxation, and distraction techniques have gained Dr. Feldman respect within pediatric dentistry circles. These techniques, while working with parents and children, facilitate comfort, avoid separation anxiety, and enhance communication.

Treatment plans are devised in conjunction with parents and are based on what is deemed best and most appropriate for each particular child and family. Integrity leads Dr. Feldman to refer patients to colleagues when a child’s need for sedation, hospitalization, or other treatment, will best be met in another practice. 

Dr. Feldman respects and encourages breast feeding and works with parents to enjoy this special bonding without compromising their infant’s dentition whenever possible. That is why Dr. Feldman agrees with The Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, which encourages an early infant visit to guide parents to maintain their own oral hygiene and that of their infant. 

The practical experience of raising two wonderful boys enhances Dr. Feldman’s academic and clinical excellence.

Dr. Alisa R. Feldman

24 Julio Drive | Shrewsbury, MA | 01545
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